Brescia: new studies into the mental benefits of ozone – Dr. Galoforo on the research team

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]OZONE/RESEARCH TO FORTIFY THE SOUL 

EUR 386,000 from Italy’s Health Ministry for the Fatebenefratelli research hospital’s project on “Cognitive frailty and oxygen/ozone therapy” entrusted to a team of physicians in Brescia, including Dr. Antonio Carlo Galoforo, a pioneer in the field. From traditional ozone therapy to treat joint disorders to the discovery of associated cognitive improvements in patients with Alzheimer’s.
Regenerate the mind with ozone. The latest frontier in research in the field is now recognized and supported by Italy’s Ministry of Health with a €386,000 grant, funds that will be used for the project entitled “Cognitive frailty and oxygen/ozone therapy: integrated approach to identify biological and neuropsychological markers”, which has been entrusted to Dr. Antonio Galoforo, an international pioneer in the field who provides ozone therapy in a range of applications both in Italy and in Africa.
Working alongside Galoforo there will be the geriatrician Cristina Geroldi and researchers Cristian Bonvicini and Catia Scassellati to find encouraging ways to treat and improve cognitive function in patients with conditions such as dementia and Alzheimer’s. This intriguing discover came when the physicians and researchers at Brescia’s Fatebenefratelli research hospital observed clear psychological improvements, as well as a renewed stability in sleep rhythms, in mentally frail elderly patients after their routine treatments for joint and motor conditions.
From these studies came the idea, now supported by a government ministry, to take a closer look at the benefits of ozone in this area of application. Nearly have of the €386,000 funds awarded will be going to grants for the young researchers working on the project, while the remainder will be used to purchase the laboratory equipment needed for the project.
For years now, Brescia’s Fatebenefratelli research hospital has been treating and researching degenerative psychological disorders. Based on preliminary observations, the researchers have seen that, in the neuronal cells treated with oxygen and ozone, specific cellular functions involved in mental processes are activated, resulting in improved cognitive function and clear benefits for patients with diseases such as Alzheimer’s.
Antonio Galoforo and the other members of the team will be focusing their efforts on understanding how ozone acts on neurons in order to identify specific therapeutic objectives. Throughout the project, they will be involving other functions of the research hospital as well as collaborating with Pisa’s Scuola Normale.


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