Dr. Antonio Galoforo: a healthy back with ozone

The evolving experience of Dr. Antonio Galoforo, a pioneer in using the combination of oxygen and ozone as a natural solution to a range of medical conditions, including the challenging herniated disc, which, thanks in part to ozone therapy, is now less frequently treated with surgery.

Ozone therapy can be a formidable bastion against a wide range of back pain, that unbearable condition of today’s sedentary lifestyle, lying in wait as it weighs on our collective existence, especially during the winter months, when cold weather increases the risk of being afflicted by this malady. “It used to be that surgery was just about mandatory, especially where a herniated disc was concerned,” explains Dr. Antonio Carlo Galoforo, who introduced ozone therapy into his practice in Brescia to treat back pain and many other afflictions. “Nowadays, research into the properties of the combination of oxygen and ozone gas has made it possible to avoid the operating room for more than 80% of patients with a herniated disc.”
This data point is both impressive and greatly encouraging for solving a problem many people have. Ozone therapy has been shown to be effective in treating the complicated issue of a protruding disc, but that same efficacy can also be extended to countless sources of pain afflicting our backs as they attempt to keep us upright in all that we do. Staying seated for long periods of time behind the wheel of a car or at a desk at work is disastrous for our spines and the surrounding musculature, so, unless we spend all our time at the gym, a nightmare of back pain, and the traditional solution of chemical pain relief, is always just around the corner.
“Ozone, conversely, is a natural remedy,” notes Dr. Galoforo, “that has anti-inflammatory properties and improves oxygenation by promoting localized micro-circulation. Technically speaking, its administration for a herniated disc oxidizes the mucopolysaccharides and eliminates water, thereby decreasing the volume of the hernia itself.”
Therefore, taking into consideration that reputable publications and authoritative academics have asserted that any chronic pain or condition is caused in part by insufficient oxygenation of the cells, the virtuous action of ozone therapy, too, can be considered fully confirmed. It also has the benefit of being easy to administer.
“Hernia treatment, for example, calls for a cycle of 8–10 biweekly sessions,” says Antonio Galoforo. “These sessions themselves include two infiltrations of a carefully dosed combination of oxygen and ozone directly into the muscle surrounding the herniated disc. The patient can then return to the normal routine of their day after just a few minutes.” Dr. Antonio Carlo Galoforo further notes, “Improvement is seen not only in the evident reduction or elimination of pain, but also in actual, objective healing, which can be verified in an x-ray.” And your relaxed back will thank you.

Dr. Antonio Galoforo sees patients at the Oxygen/Ozone Therapy unit of Medical Services SMAO in Via Arturo Toscanini no. 41, Castiglione delle Stiviere (MN) Italy. Tel. +39.0376.671992.

From Dipende, Winter 2016 www.giornaledelgarda.info/giornali/161210-0137-234dipendedoppiapagina.pdf

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