Picture the African savanna and its colors, fragrances, marshlands and lagoons, where children go to play

and where, unfortunately, they are often bitten by a particularly aggressive insect that transmits the Buruli ulcer.

Buruli ulcer and Mycobacterium ulcerans: focus on innovative and complementary intervention strategies

New Treatments for Buruli Ulcer. A scientific publication resulting from Dr. Galoforo's experience gained since 2002 in Côte d'Ivoire and Tanguieta (Benin) working with Fra Fiorenzo Priuli, a Fatebenefratelli physician who has been a missionary in Africa for more than 50 years.

The immune system of children is not yet well enough developed to fight off this bacteria, so they fall ill. The Buruli ulcer is a chronic necrotizing disease that attacks bodily tissue and creates devastating lesions. Prior to ozone therapy, the only therapies were antibiotics, which were often ineffective, and plastic or reconstructive surgery and often amputation. The Buruli ulcer is found in 33 countries in tropical and subtropical Africa, Asia, Australia, and Latin America.

IN 2002

Dr. Antonio Galoforo began experimenting with this therapy to cure Buruli ulcers

since ozone therapy had been used for years to treat infections, sores and wounds.

Using funds raised by the Brescia Rotary, the first ozone-production machinery was purchased and donated to the Abidjan Rotary (Ivory Coast).

Since then, Dr. Galoforo has gone to Africa on multiple occasions to provide ozone therapy and to train local staff.

IN 2006

Dr. Galoforo founded the non-profit O3 for Africa, of which he is president

and which has the mission of promoting a highly innovative project to treat Buruli ulcers, care for the environment, and provide drinking water. These uses of ozone have produced extraordinary results and could become one of the greatest success stories in the treatment of infectious diseases.

Over the years, he has continued to organize conferences to promote the use of ozone and to explain how this gas could be the solution to many problems caused by tropical diseases. Dr. Galoforo has been honored with a papal humanitarian-service medal and the Region of Lombardy Peace Prize and is accredited by the WHO for the Buruli ulcer.

O3 for Africa has partnerships with:

  • the ODV Missione Futuro, a non-profit organization of the European Acadamy for Economic and Cultural Relations (AEREC)

  • UTA, a non-profit organization of Fratebenefratelli