Thanks to Rotary, the inhabitants of Benin will be able to take advantage of ozone therapy

«The goal is to ensure that the entire population of Benin can be treated with oxygen ozone therapy, especially at this time when the full-blown cases of Covid-19 are growing».

This is what Eng. Francesco Treccani, Past President of the Rodengo Abbazia Rotary Club, among the first to propose a project that will allow the people of Benin to take advantage of the ozone therapeutic resources for a wide range of diseases.

Based on the experience accumulated through years of use of ozone therapy at the Fatebenefratelli “Saint Jean de Dieu” Hospital in Tanguieta (, directed by the surgeon Fra Fiorenzo Priuli, the project plans to extend its practice and benefits to the following hospitals in Benin: Maison Saint Jean de Dieu (Cotonou), Center de Santè St Jean de Dieu (Porga), Hopital La Croix (Zinvié), Anastasis (Cotonou), Hopital Evangélique (Bembereke) ), Faculty of Medicine of the University of Parakou.

Together with the supply of medical equipment, the project provides for the training of local health personnel on the therapeutic indications and on the protocols for using ozone therapy in its various methods, as well as the training of a maintenance technician for the equipment.

In addition, for three years all applications of oxygen ozone therapy will be monitored and verified, in order to draw up a medical-scientific report that certifies the results of the project and the effectiveness of the medical practice applied to the various pathologies.

On July 28, the 9 medical ozone production equipment for the project was delivered to Rotary. The delivery act took place in the presence of Prof. Marianno Franzini, President of SIOOT International, and in web connection with: Prof. Luigi Valdenassi, President of SIOOT Italy; Ing. Stefano Terletti, President of the Rotary Club Rodengo Abazia; Ing. Francesco Treccani, Past President of the Rotary Club Rodengo Abbazia; Antonio Galoforo of the Castiglione delle Stiviere Rotary Club, Scientific Director of the project.

The equipment will reach Benin in late September.

The training of health personnel will be coordinated by Dr. Antonio Galoforo, Scientific Director of the project, who will reach the “Saint Jean de Dieu” Hospital team prepared by Fra Fiorenzo Priuli in mid-October.

The project, in the form of a “Global Grant” supported by the Rotary Foundation, also had the endorsement and support of the Minister of Health of Benin. Together with the Rotary Foundation, it was also financed by the Rotary Club Rodengo Abbazia, the Rotary Club Lovere Iseo Breno, the Rotaract Franciacorta Oglio and the non-profit organization “O3 for Africa” ​​chaired by Dr. Galoforo, with the support of Multiossigen SpA, technological partner of the ‘initiative.

It is a humanitarian project that promises enormous health benefits and which could also be providential to counter the Covid-19 pandemic.

Benin has just over 11 million inhabitants. According to the “Outstretched Hands” humanitarian association, there were 1,378 cases and 26 deaths from Covid in the country on 13 July. The number of Covid positives is also growing in neighboring countries: Togo, Nigeria, Burkina Faso, Niger.

To better understand the nature, implementation and purposes of this beautiful humanitarian project, “Orbisphera” interviewed Eng. Francesco Treccani who, together with Dr. Antonio Galoforo, was the creator and promoter of the project.

It all started in 2018, when, thanks to the friendship and care of Dr. Galoforo, Eng. Treccani has known the benefits of oxygen ozone therapy.

Following this, Treccani invited Rodengo Abbazia to the Rotary Club, of which at the time he was President, first Dr. Galoforo and then Fra Fiorenzo Priuli.

Dr. Galoforo explained in detail the scientific foundations and practical applications of ozone in the treatment of various diseases.

Fra Fiorenzo Priuli is a legendary figure. He founded and directs the “Saint Jean de Dieu” hospital in Tanguieta, Benin, where he spends twelve hours a day in the operating room. He is a man of infinite generosity. To those who ask him how he gets so much energy, Fra Fiorenzo replies: «To give is my mission. Every time I manage to save a life I feel a light in my heart ». In Africa they speak of him as “an angel of good”.

Fra Priuli was among the first in Africa to use oxygen ozone therapy since 2007, thanks to the equipment donated by the non-profit organization “O3 for Africa”. In this regard, he said that “the applications of ozone on diseases give an almost miraculous response”.

He told friends of Rotary about his experience as a surgeon in Benin, and illustrated the great benefits of ozone therapy which, in addition to being rapid and effective, is easy to use, leaves no residue, has no side effects and is also extremely economic.

After these two meetings, the Rotary Club Rodengo Abbazia has decided to start the project, which was prepared by Eng. Treccani together with Dr. Galoforo. Subsequently submitted to Rotary District 2050, the project was then submitted to the Rotary Foundation which approved and funded it.

The enthusiasm was such that the Rotaract Franciacorta Oglio adopted it as the project of the year.

Treccani explained that the project, strongly “people oriented”, responds exactly to Rotary’s principles for the prevention and fight against diseases. In this same area, the struggle undertaken by Rotary for the eradication of polio in the world, which is now about to be won, is famous (

«We are very happy – said the Engineer – to be able to contribute to the right to health of the population of Benin, with an innovative, effective, risk-free and applicable medical practice for a wide range of pathologies».

«In addition – concluded Treccani – it will be providential to have oxygen ozone therapy to stem the spread of Covid-19, as several studies conducted by Dr. Galoforo and the scientific community have already highlighted. It is therefore a project that could be replicated in many other African countries».

News by Antonio Gaspari
Director of Orbisphera

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