Dr. Galoforo at the biennial meeting of the World Health Organization’s Global Buruli Ulcer Initiative in Geneva on March 20-22, 2017

In Affidea centers in the Italian region of Lombardy, oxygen/ozone therapy is available thanks to the work of Dr. Carlo Antonio Galoforo, who was the first to apply this technique, in 2002, to treat the Buruli ulcer, a bacterial infection transmitted by an aquatic insect and which attacks the skin and bodily tissues and can lead to amputation and malformations of the afflicted areas.

This disease, which is found in tropical and subtropical areas around the world, was the focus of the biennial meeting of the Global Buruli Ulcer Initiative, organized in Geneva by the World Health Organization last March 20-22.

The meeting was attended by academic institutions, research centers, charitable and non-governmental organizations with the goal of increasing awareness among physicians, researchers and the community at large of approaches to the prevention and treatment of this disease, which some are calling the modern-day leprosy.

Those in attendance included Dr. Galoforo, who the entire scientific community has recognized as being a pioneer in the application of oxygen/ozone therapy to treat musculoskeletal inflammations, degenerative inflammations, alterations in the immune system, hypoxia and ischemia-related disorders, debilitating conditions, asthenia, cachexia, and esthetic alterations.

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